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Thread: Agile BI Model

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    Question Agile BI Model

    Just started working with the Agile BI plugin for spoon.

    When creating a model, it appears to only let me choose a single table.
    My question is: How do I create a model in Agile BI that has a single fact table with multiple Dimension tables joined to it based on keys?

    I presume I am doing something incorrectly, but the documentation I have found is not clear about how to do this.



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    Currently it works off of a single table. When you go the the model tab in agile, it will automatically create measures and dimensions from the single table model and persist it as a .xmi file (not psw .xml).
    I believe that Pentaho is working towards making this the method of creating a mondrian schema and supplanting PSW but as of now, that is not the case. So it works similar to the way an excel pivot table works by assuming that any numeric attribute in your single table is a measure and any text fields are (degenerate) dimensions. There is some documentation in the wiki/forums. If I come across it again, I'll send it along.

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