Jpivot view is correct when I am running my cube on one role, but it is
behaving weirdly and uncorrectly when I include one more role.

1. Following roles I have defined in Schema

<Role name="ceo">
<SchemaGrant access="none">
<CubeGrant cube="Quadrant Analysis" access="all">
<DimensionGrant dimension="Department" access="none">
<Role name="cto">
<SchemaGrant access="none">
<CubeGrant cube="Quadrant Analysis" access="all">
<DimensionGrant dimension="Region" access="none">

2. I am using role mapper while enabling mondrian role mapper in

3. I included both of these roles in connection string (in datasources.xml)
as following:

<Catalog name="SampleData">



4. When running it Jpivot is showing nothign except the toolbar, I looked at
MDx query in MDx editor and I found one of dimension which is restricted was
appearing with memeber NULL. I removed this dimension from query and submit
it, it run successfully and started showing desired result. How it would be
make properly, presenting pivot view correctly.

5. Moreover, roles are not reflected in saved pivot views (Creating a view
from Jpivot and saving it which create a xacton).

I have attached the schema.

Help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

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