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    I built a report using a metadata data source, and in that metadata, the business view categories are affected by user permissions. The thing is, a user can connect on pentaho and execute the report, but then I get exceptions such as "business model does not exist" because that user does not have permissions on a model used in the report. Is there a way to validate if a user has permissions on a model before executing a query? or an exception catcher that would just stop the execution of the query if such an error occur and continue on?

    A solution could be to have a duplicate of the metadata with no permissions at all, but if we could avoid that it would be best.

    Thanks in advance!
    note: The "business model does not exist" exception only occurs on the server. I do not get that error when launching the report locally through report designer, and using the same user.
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    I tried using a formula on sub-report queries that not all users can view, but it won't work properly. Is there a certain order when PRD's generating a report? The thing that's happening is I'm looking at the env:username value, putting it in a hidden parameter and using it in the formula. When I show that formula on the report it displays as "true" but when i use it in a IF condition, it always returns the "false" value. My call would be that the order of things hapenning isnt right for this to work, but maybe I'm wrong. Would there be another way? I tried using the "sub-report-active" property but it doesn't work?? I put it to false manually just to test it and the sub-report still generates. I'm running out of ideas

    Any help appreciated!

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    bump, anything on this?

    Is it something that was never considered or am I not handling it properly? I can't really find a way to make it work other than having another metadata with zero permissions so every user that launches the reports has access to the data in it. Is there anything I missed?

    Thank you!

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    Why not apply solution repository file-level permissions? In other words, if user1 can't see model1, and model1 is used in report1, why not just configure the permissions in such a way so that user1 doesn't see report1? (Use Properties > Share to configure the permissions on report1.)

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    Thanks... this should probably work. Didn't think about doing it this way. I'm not entirely sure yet, but I think this will make sure it works as intended.

    Thank you

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