I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but in my company we have been looking for somebody to join our analysis department for a couple of months now and this might be a very good place to look too.

I work for Hipoges Iberia (http://www.hipoges.com/) in Madrid central office and we need people with good knowledge of Kettle. We use it on a daily basis both locally for small stuff but also on a server together with JobScheduler to run most of the information processes in our system. We have also quite a lot of reports built using Kettle.

The idea we have in mind is to start using Pentaho Report Designer and also include several useful dashboards. So far nobody with huge expertise in Pentaho has worked with us so it takes a little bit to learn and to develop.

If you feel you can help us out and would like to jump in the project, feel free to send an email to "es dot recruiting at hipoges dot com".

Thank you very much!