Recently I have developed a tool to better manage Pentaho dashboards (Ctools .cdfde-file), the cdfdeMgt tool. The tool is currently under beta-testing and will be released as open-source soon.

I would like to give a 15-minute presentation (including discussion) because I would like to:
• get feedback the tool and the delivered functionality.
• see whether it would make sense to extend this tool to other Pentaho file-types (currently it is limited to .cdfde files).

A High level summary of functionality of the cdfdeMgt tool:
Basically it is a git-like version control system (create dashboards, commit versions, revert to last commit, etc..). However, this tool also has specific functionality to manage a series of dashboards in a synchronous way (for example if ‘department_A, department_B, … department_X then the tool can detect very specifically your updates to department_A dashboard (at the level of individual dashboard parameters) and apply these changes to the other dashboards too.).

Best regards,
Cees van Kemenade.