If I designed cube using aggregate table with default hierarchy it works fine.. but, if I create cube with multiple hierarchy under one dimension and refer them in aggregate level then it throws error .. Please refer log generated in pentaho.log..

2011-08-22 19:41:57,513 WARN [mondrian.rolap.aggmatcher.AggTableManager] Recognizer.checkUnusedColumns: Candidate aggregate table 'agg_Premium_FactPIFCurrent' for fact table 'FactPIFCurrent' has a column 'Property Type Hirearchy' with unknown usage.
2011-08-22 19:41:57,513 ERROR [mondrian.rolap.aggmatcher.AggTableManager] PIF Current Analyzer:NameTableDef:TableDef:Level: Context 'PIF Current Analyzer:NameTableDef:TableDef:Level': The Hierarchy 'Property Type Hirearchy' does not exist"
2011-08-22 19:41:57,516 ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.util.logging.Logger] misc-java.lang.String: MDXConnection.ERROR_0002 - Invalid connection properties: PoolNeeded=false; EnableXmla=False; Locale=en_US; Catalog=solution:/steel-wheels/analysis/Mondrian.PIFCurrent.xml; Provider=mondrian; Role=Admin,Authenticated
mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Too many errors, '1', while loading/reloading aggregates.

Whether it is a limitation or do we need to follow any rules for creating aggregate table for a column which is a Level under multiple hierarchy??

Thanks in advance,,

Herwin Rayen