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Thread: Books on Pentaho Analysis

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    Default Books on Pentaho Analysis


    I want to know if there is any good book on pentaho analysis in the market. It is imperative that there will be one.
    A chapter on Pentaho Solution Book by Roland and co is good for start up but to not enough to get deep and now I find myself groping around for things I am not too sure of.
    On the other hand, the pentaho wiki for mondrian has xml only guide and nothing on the schema workbench.


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    it would be interesting to know in which areas you think it should cover - i wonder whether there would be enough content?
    a large portion of it is already covered in other books about MDX.
    schema design and best practice is covered in the kimball books.
    So what does that leave? The schema workbench tool is dying, to be replaced soon, so not much use in documenting that...
    Also; Dont forget the mondrian docs/reference pages on the main pentaho/mondrian site - that covers some of the mondrian specific quirks..
    But; I'd still read it

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    You are right about the content thing.

    Schema Workbench Dying??? What is going to be replacing it?
    About my exercise, I was looking for a reference to syntaxes for doing measure formatting, the concept of virtual cubes and user defined functions.
    I dont find these in the mondrian reference doc. Or I might have been looking in the wrong place.


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    Virtual cubes are certainly mentioned here:

    Schema workbench is being replaced ultimately by the agile bi / data source wizard stuff in 4.0... But it wont be removed, i think it'll survive a while yet!

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    sorry to bother with more questions,

    Can you refer me to a usage of agile bi/data source wizard? I have run the pentaho bi 4 evaluation trying to find it in example but its like I am missing something. Any online reference on it?


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