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Thread: Adivice on how to filter dimension

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    Default Adivice on how to filter dimension

    Hello all,

    My Customers dimension has about 450,000 rows, and my Sales Fact table has about 1,200,000 rows. On my schema I've added two Measures from the Sales Table, Quantity and Price. I could create an analysis view, but when I drill down the customers I get I an overflow message, the customers are too many I guess.

    Question is, how do I create an Analysis View with my top 1000 (or 100) customers based on Quantity and Price, over a time dimension?

    I'm new to BI and Pentaho, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Anyone, please?

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    Default Solved

    To filter the dimension I had to edit the MDX, using the TopCount function, like this:

    select NON EMPTY Union(Crossjoin({[Periodo].[Todos os Periodos]}, {[Measures].[Quantidade Inscricoes]}), Crossjoin({[Periodo].[Todos os Periodos]}, {[Measures].[Valor]})) ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY TopCount(Order({[Cliente].[Todos os Clientes].Children}, [Measures].[Valor], DESC), 100.0) ON ROWS
    from [Inscricoes2]


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    We had faced a similar situation. This is the problem with very high cardinality dimensions - your case it is 450K customers.
    Mondrian is really not good at handling this situation well. It becomes slow and takes up a lot of memory.
    There are some options to try for example - mondrian.result.highCardChunkSize - see Mondrian Configuration.html doc in your Mondrian Install.

    Specifying approxRowCount can improve performance by reducing the need to determine level, hierarchy, and dimension cardinality. This can have a significant impact when connecting to Mondrian via XMLA.

    The above one is described in the schema.html file.

    Hope this helps.

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