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Thread: Calculated moember does not work in 3.2.1

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    mistereight Guest

    Question Calculated member does not work in 3.2.1

    Calculated member works fine with version I am trying to upgrade to Mondrian stable version, but found all my calculated members stopped working. I've tested via original olap API and the new Olap4J api, still no luck. "Result" or "CellSet" returned does not contain calculated value. But it works perfectly fine in 3.0.4.

    Did I miss any configuration step in 3.2.1? Or and API change for calculated member? I am using exactly the same settings which works fine in mondrian version

    The pseudo code of member formula is like:
    *{[Measures].MEMBERS} ON COLUMNS,
    FROM [cube1] WHERE (some member selections)
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