I'm trying to make a plugin step than provides me some utility i already
have but with a java app.

The steep it's about dw metadata and the idea its it make a some kind of

For each column for each table it will check the number of nulls, data-type,
the max value, the min value, and the max number of repetitions.

To do that i have a class it produce all this select statements.

So i thought to make a pluguin it will do this and provide an standard

I based my plugin in the plugin on the sample :

Also i took as reference the table input steep as it is an input steep and
produce a resultset..

So, on my plugin i made my bucle and i re-used the table input doQuery
function. My problem its it does not append the resutl of each execution to
the stream it just initialize it each time so i have only the result of the
last execution.

I'm trying to se how it works but i don't really se where the stream its
initialized. or how to append the result of the doQuery.

Any suggestion? Any documentation or step i should look to take a better
point of view?


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