For most of my source connections, the actual database and hostname to connect to are not know a priori (I know the master name but need to target a reader), but can be determined programatically.
I thus have a user defined java class, which takes two parameters (master host/database) and outputs the actual host and database to connect to, in 2 variables (aptly named ${host} and ${database}). I then have only one database connection defined, which connects to ${host}/${database}.

This works very well when a transformation needs to connect to only one source DB.

Now I have another transformation with a few 'table inputs', all tables being different, as for instance in this one:

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I did not find a way to 'prefix' the table input steps by my UDJC. It seems that a transformation cannot reference and run another transformation?
Setting the variables one step higher would not do any good, as the variables would thus be the same for all my table inputs, which is not the wanted behaviour.

Is there any way to do what I am looking for? I'd rather avoid splitting the transformation if at all possible.

Thanks for any help,