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Thread: Creating New Repository Problem due to password authentication.

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    Default Creating New Repository Problem due to password authentication.

    I have tried to create new repository but failed to do so.

    What are the steps I have followed is in the attachment.

    1. Started Pentaho Bi Server
    2. Open kettle.exe.
    3. New Repository window came.
    4. Given the Repository Name.
    5. Given the Login name as "admin" and password as "admin".
    6. I got message "Incorrect username or password!".
    7. then try with "joe" as Login name and "password" as password.
    8. I got message "Incorrect username or password!" followed by

    User [joe] could not be loaded from repository: []
    The user [joe] could not be found.

    9. then checked publisher_config.xml whose content is as follows:-

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    This file must be configured before client tools
    will be able to publish onto the server. Publishing
    involves accepting a file (action sequence, xml document,
    anything) and placing it into the solution. This
    action should only be allowed if the tool is configured
    with a server/deployment specific password. The
    RepositoryFilePublisher is now coded to expect an MD5
    hash of the password entered here before it will allow
    publish into the server.

    This is a critical security measure designed to prevent
    malicious actions from being published into your server.
    Please take care to make the password sufficiently
    difficult to guess. Also take care that the contents of
    this file are not generally available

    Kindly let me know how to correct this problem.
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    Hi pentaho_jyoti ,

    Before you give the name, you need to create the repository first by click the 'New' button and give the connection details. Then by default the Repository name is list out when click the drop down button.


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    Hi Arunmadhavan,

    Thanks for your reply . But this thing I forgot tomention yesterday but I did that step previously . Whatever connection name I had provided that came from the dropdown only . Connection detail setup step was happening perfectly and its coming proper in the dropdown . The Problem is something other than this.

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    Hi pentaho_jyoti,

    I created the repository and give the username and password as admin. Its working fine, i dont know what problem will occur on your side. Please come and chat in pentaho irc freenode chat room and discuss with the pentaho consultants. Definitely they will cure the problem..


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