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Thread: Virtual cube measure disappears -- Urgent

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    Default Virtual cube measure disappears -- Urgent


    I have a virtual cube [WcVsCrAcc].

    This virtual cube is based on two cubes 1)[CrAcc] and 2)[WC]

    In this cube, I am pulling a measure [cm_Debtors] from [WC] and another measure [Credit] from [CrAcc].

    I have a calculated measure in this virtual cube

    [cm_Debtors] is a calculated measure which will give me the last available debtors for a time period.

    IIF(count(Tail(NonEmptyCrossJoin({[Measures].[m_Debtors]},Descendants([Date.AllDates],[Days]) ),1)) = 0, null, Tail(NonEmptyCrossJoin ({[Measures].[m_Debtors]}, Descendants([Date.AllDates],[Days]) ),1).Item(0))

    [Credit] is a simple measure with aggregation sum.

    Both the base cubes have a date dimension.
    My issue is that I get a null value for the [Credit_by_Debtors_prevperiod] measure in the analyzer report when I pull [credits] and [Credit_by_Debtors_prevperiod] . However, when i pull [Debtors] too, the value gets populated. I am not able to understand why so.

    I have been able to find out the source. Its because for that particular month, there are no comman datekey values. But I dont understand why should that be a problem.

    I tried to resolve the issue using ValidMeasure but I am not sure if that is even the right approach.

    Any help is appreciated.


    p.s : The snapshots reflecting the issue.
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    i would suggest to put the Schema as an attachment - at least a simplified version of the schema.

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