I have multiple input steps supplying the rows i want to process. For
the first input step, we process as normal (1 input row gives 1 output
row). For the other steps, we consume rows till the value of a
keyfield changes.

The problem that i am facing now is that the step is forgetting input
rows for all steps except step1. It look like the input step has not
supplied the rows in time. The processing step needs a way to wait
till it is sure enough rows are present. In my case, it is not needed
to wait till all rows have arrived.

What are my options?

I have code like this (syntax might not be 100% correct as it is not
an exact copy):
for (int j=0;j<totalNrOfInputSteps;j++)
do { //loop needs to be executed once, because we already
consumed the first row.

if (j!=0){/* We do not need another row from step
1 as we only consume 1 input row per output row*/
r = getRowFrom(data.InputRowSets[j]);
} while((r!=null) && (j!=0) && (keyHasChanged);
/* j!=0 we only consume 1 row of the first input step
per output row.*/

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