Hi developers,

Version 4.2.0 just appeared on SourceForge (**) so it's time to look forward
to version 4.3.0. We plan to have that version ready in Q1 of next year
together with the BI Server Sugar (5.0) release.
Kettle Version 2.5 was all about making things possible.
Kettle Version 3.0 was all about making things fast
Kettle Version 4.0 was all about making things easy

So internally we decided to make release 4.3 all about making PDI easy to

Under the "Ease of use" umbrella we can find a few top priorities for
Pentaho in this release: Monitoring and life-cycle management. This
includes a lot of things like version management, trending, alerting and all
sorts of interesting architectural choices. We currently lining up
documentation, UML diagrams, spike & sprint teams to get this into a PDI
release as soon as possible. Most of this work will be aimed at the
enterprise edition with the exception of the management of the client
(Spoon) environment itself. For that we're bringing most of the conclusions
of the KFF project into vanilla Kettle 4.3.

Obviously that's just the management theme for this release as a lot of
other things are set in motion already for 4.3.0. For example:
- Pieter has been checking in OpenERP steps into 4.3.0-M1
- I checked in a new "Job Executor" step to make it easier to put jobs in a
loop and execute them in parallel : http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/PDI-6702
- Tomorrow I'll be working with the Kasper Soerensen of DataCleaner fame to
improve the data profiling plugin I have been working on :
- We would like to create a Help button on each and every step and job entry
that links to the Wiki page for that particular component.

I'm looking forward to hearing about more grand ideas from you all!



Matt Casters <mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org>
Chief Data Integration, Kettle founder, Author of Pentaho Kettle
(Wiley <http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470635177.html>)
Fonteinstraat 70, 9400 OKEGEM - Belgium - Cell : +32 486 97 29 37
Pentaho : The Commercial Open Source Alternative for Business Intelligence

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