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Thread: Seriously, pls help! there is no tool in Community Edition to browse/navigate cubes!

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    Default Seriously, pls help! there is no tool in Community Edition to browse/navigate cubes!

    if you look at the Community Downloads page (see below), you will find no tools available to do analysis on cubes! Mondrian and Schema Workbench are used to create and publish cubes (please correct me about this!). Schema Workbench has minimal MDX and browsing functionality. Where is the UI for the web front end??
    Can anyone help with links to tools and instructions that are used to browse and navigate cubes? i have tried installing Jpivot OLAP but the installation instructions were minimal, i am stuck with a web page and no UI.
    BI Platform: BI Server, Report Designer, Pentaho MetaData, Design Studio, Schema Workbench
    Analysis: Mondrian, Schema WorkBench, Aggregation Designer

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    Whoa! Calm down dear.

    Run the BI Server, that has Jpivot installed by default. Publish your cube and bang away you go. Then once that is working download and install the saiku plugin - it's an alternate viewer way better than JPivot.

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    1. "Publish your cube and bang away you go". What program do i run or URL do i enter? tomcat doesnt have to be run separately? i have expertise in BI but little expertise in installing 3rd party software, so If you answer and your answer assumes i know little or nothing, that would be very helpful!

    2. Looked over saiku plugin - do you work with it in windows or linux, and do you find it stable?
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    bi server is a tomcat app. schema workbench is the tool to build the cube and publish. yes saiku is stable.
    Use google for guides to installing the bi server etc.

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    For what its worth, none of the installation guides for Jpivot are complete.

    that is my main issue

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    I would imagine you've figured this out by now. But the tool for navigating and modeling with Mondrian cubes is the user console (launched from a browser as http://your-pentaho-server:8080/pentaho/Login). You must publish the schema from the schema workbench. Then the schema, along with its cubes will be available for selection from within the user console. You have two basic options for browsing the cubes: 1) select New Analyzer Report from the home page; 2) select File->New->Analysis View... from the menu structure. In either case, you will see a pick list of your schema:cubes to play with.

    Hope this helps.

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    This is great! I am now able to see SteelWheels... HOWEVER, i dont know how to browse to where my schemas are, i dont see any options for browsing. i even tried copying my schema into C:\Pentaho\biserver-ce\pentaho-solutions\steel-wheels\analysis, but they dont show up.

    Can you help me to navigate to the schemas i've published, either by browsing in the user console or setting up my file folder structure so user console sees my schemas?

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    The schema's you see in your portal are defined in the file datasources.xml. You can find this file in the directory ..\biserver-ce\pentaho-solutions\system\olap

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    Hi to all !!

    I've worked with Saiku a little bit, and is great !!.

    I wondering is if possible to pass parameters to a Saiku Olap View, i would like to have a drill down function between any chart and the Saiku plugin. Does anyone know if this is possible?


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    i've modified my datasource.xml to add my cube name (called garys_end) and it still doesnt show up when i click New Analysis View. Could anyone take a quick look at the schema below? dont know about saiku parameterization. i have also copied garys_end.mondrian.xml and garys_end.xml to the ...steel-wheels\analysis folder

    I notice that both SteelWheels and SampleData have xml element Sampledata. Does a schema have to be added to a datasource? if so , how do you do that.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <DataSourceDescription>Pentaho BI Platform Datasources</DataSourceDescription>
    <Catalog name="SteelWheels">
    <Catalog name="SampleData">
    <Catalog name="garys_end">

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