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Thread: Passing encrypted password as an argument in a shell step

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    Exclamation Passing encrypted password as an argument in a shell step

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to run a shell script from a PDI-job using the shell step. The script itself is connecting to a database, so I need to pass a user and password to the script. The password is encrypted and saved in a variable. But when the script is started I see that the password is not been decrypted!!! So the jo aborts with an error:

    INFO 14-09 10:46:39,993 - do_db2 - Running on platform : Linux
    INFO 14-09 10:46:39,993 - do_db2 - Executing command : /blah/blah/blah/.../do_db2 /blah/blah/blah/.../work sDIS Database Username Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4ad0ea650f9c3be83
    INFO 14-09 10:46:40,033 - do_db2 - (stdout) $1: /blah/blah/blah/.../work
    INFO 14-09 10:46:40,034 - do_db2 - (stdout) $2: sDIS
    INFO 14-09 10:46:41,062 - do_db2 - (stdout) SQL0104N An unexpected token "2be98afc86aa7f2e4ad0ea650f9c3be83" was found
    INFO 14-09 10:46:41,063 - do_db2 - (stdout) following "<identifier>". Expected tokens may include: "NEW".
    INFO 14-09 10:46:41,063 - do_db2 - (stdout) SQLSTATE=42601
    INFO 14-09 10:46:41,169 - do_db2 - (stdout) SQL1024N A database connection does not exist. SQLSTATE=08003

    Can anyone please help me solve thit problem! I am really totallName:  PDI.jpg
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Size:  23.2 KBy desperated

    Kind regards
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    OK, no ideas!!!

    I found a workaround here:

    But this is still an issue and I think it have to be fixed in PDI.

    Another problem I see in this step comes with the "Script file name" field. It is not that optimal to always have to include the full path ot the file, because a user might wanna use the UNIX search path and start the script from anyware on ther machine. That way it is not going to work due to the insertion of ${user.dir}.

    Kind regards

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    You decided to obfuscate the password, not PDI. Security-wise it's best to keep the password in obfuscated form until right before it is used in a step.

    For the other issue: you're probably using an older version of PDI since it works fine in recent versions.

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