Using Add sequence transformation with DBMS sequence fails with errors
Error reading next value of sequence [tran_detail_seq] from database
Unable to get next value for sequence : tran_detail_seq

Turning on JDBC trace shows

Msg[3].unlock(): owner Thread[init of Add unique id column.0 (Thread-39),5,main]
Ingres-Driver.connect(): Ingres-Connection[3]
Prep[15]: ''
DrvPrep[17]: preparing statement ''
Msg[3].lock(): owner Thread[tranDetailIdentity - Add unique id column,5,main]

It appears that it is attempting to call Connection.prepareStatement with a 0 length query string. This occurs in both the Ingres and Ingres VectorWise database connections in versoins 4.1 and 4.2. Is there a mechanism to control how the next sequence value is fetched from the dbms or some other way to go about resolving this?


Nick Vancas