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Thread: Javascript Step-- Export as text file one line

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    Default Javascript Step-- Export as text file one line

    Hi guys

    My current streams has multiple fields and currently output results to one line flat file with a 3 characters delimiter using the following script:

    function add(a,x) {
    if (x==null) {
    return a + "#*#";
    else {
    return a + "#*#" + x

    var line=null;

    line = add(line,FIELD_NAME_1);
    line = add(line,FIELD_NAME_n);

    Question is how do I make FIELD_NAME_1-5 on the first line, and FIELD_NAME_6 onwards on the second line?

    ps. js beginner

    Looking forward. Thanks!

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    Cool HI

    Hey ...

    I think you need to add a counter variable that is scoped/created outside your function then you should increase it everytime you append a "FIELD_NAME_*" to the line, then do acheck to see if you have enough things on that line. If you do start a New line by appending a newline char to your string. Not sure if the syntax is 100% but you should get the idea from this pseudo-code.

    var counter;

    function add(a,x) {
    if (x==null) {
    return a + "#*#";
    else {
    if(counter > 5){
    return a + "#*#" + x + "\n"; //append newline or carriage return char depending on what OS you are working with
    counter = 0; //reset the counter if you are wanting 5 "things per line", otherwise adjust to a suitable value
    return a + "#*#" + x;

    Hope that helps


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