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Thread: Switch case problem

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    Default Switch case problem


    I have a problem with a switch case with two case values:

    1: Text file output
    2: Text file input -> Select values -> Insert / Update
    default: Dummy (do nothing)

    Despite the fact that Switch / Case receive "1", "Text file input -> Select values -> Insert / Update" is always executed.

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    Thank you for your help,


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    That's because you defined a filename in Text file input. As a consequence the step is initialized as soon as the transformation starts and feeds the select values with the stream. In other words it is not activated by the switch/case.

    Unless you change the design of your transformation, the only way to get the text file input started after switch/case is checking the "Accept filenames from previous step" in the "File" tab of the Text file input, and accordingly configuring "Step to read filenames from" and "Field in the input to use as filename".

    Andrea Torre
    twitter: @andtorg

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