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Thread: Use of stored procedures oracle variables in the signature

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    Default Use of stored procedures oracle variables in the signature

    Hello all,

    I am new to Kettle and i am having some problems regarding the usage of stored procedures.

    I want to use this stored procedure but i dont know how to initalizate e the in_char_val_list that is a oracle object of the type ORACLE.ARRAYS.

    PROCEDURE insert_CONF_DISC(in_fk_discostore in number,
    in_fk_conf_spec in number,
    in_status in varchar2,
    in_dec in varchar2,
    in_dcn in varchar2,
    in_char_val_list in nd_item_char_tab,
    out_id_conf_item out number,
    out_error out number,
    out_msg_error out varchar2);
    I am using other stored procedures and have no problem but this ones i can't make them work.
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