I am a newbie at the pentaho metadata stuff. I have done my first business model and after that when I try to save it shows the following error:
"THERE was an error saving the schema. Fatal I/O error: org.netbeans.mdr.persistence.jdbcimpl.JdbcStorageException: No operations allowed after connection closed.Connection was implicitly closed by the driver".
I never knew when the connection got closed and now I cannot export my xmi file, neither can I save it.

I am using mysql5.5. and pentaho metatdata editor 3.8.0-stable.45262 on windows XP 64 bit. I can click on the connection and import more physical tables , put them in business model, but cannot save my work. I have spent almost a whole day doing this model and I am really concerned if I cannot save it.

Please help.