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Thread: Java heap space error.

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    Default Java heap space error.

    Hi All,

    I have pentaho 4.1.0-stable version.

    I have one kettle job from which I am calling 4000 transformations(each transformation has table input --> intermediate steps --> table output steps).

    I am running job from command prompt with the as follows:
    /opt/kettle/ /file:/opt/job.xml level:"detailed logging" -Xms1024m -Xmx3584m

    I modified to accept xms and xmx parameters accordingly and its taking those parameter correctly.After executing 1000+ transformations, throws java heap space exception.
    Prashant D Shelke.

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    Hi pdshelke,

    did you try and set the logging level to minimal? Alternatively, try tuning the log size or timeout via the two variables in


    Andrea Torre
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    In-between, I tried one other way is, I created 5 streams and added 800 transformation in one stream(as I have total 4000 tables.) in job xml.
    This worked for me.

    But still want to run job with single stream, so will try option suggested by you.

    Thanks for suggestions.
    Prashant D Shelke.

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