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Thread: Please Help.! Kettle Running Issues

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    Cool Please Help.! Kettle Running Issues


    I have successfully created a chain of Jobs and Transformation in Pentaho.

    Now the hurdle is :

    1. Can I bundled all these transformations and jobs into a .exe or somethinglike that, I am planning to test these jobs on client m/c and I do not wish tosend each and individual .ktr and .kjb

    2. If I want to run the kettle on m/c without installing it? is it possibleto use Pentaho with any of its .lib or .jar including it in Class path? somethinglike Ant?

    3. Can I call Pentaho job/transformation using my java class?

    Plesae help and revisit the thread for further cumminication!
    Thanks in advance!


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    1. No you can't but you can execute remotely.
    2. You can't, Kettle is just a collection of jar files but you kind of need them all to run your ETL work.
    3. Yes of course, it's very easy.
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