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Thread: Footer summary -- help pls

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    Default Footer summary -- help pls

    Say I've got 3 fields.
    Abc Pc 40
    Def Pc 23
    Ghi Pc 37
    Jkl Fd 5
    Mno Pc 7
    Qrs Pc 3
    Stu Pc 5

    Total rows = 7
    Total quantity = 120

    Getting total rows from the GROUP BY step is using the N-values. And sum for the quantity.
    Question is, how does one compute for Total Quantity for only Pc , which is 120 - 5 = 115.
    And, read from only the Fd type and print it as a new field (last column below)? so that the footer summary looks like:

    Stu Pc 5
    7 120 115 5

    Don't worry about 7 and 120 I've figured them out.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would create a filter to direct a copy of PC rows to another stream.
    Then apply a Group By to this stream and once you have your result merge it back to the rest of your file.


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