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Thread: How to send file in filenames result with ftp?

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    Default How to send file in filenames result with ftp?


    I'm trying to send a file with ftp to client server. In transformation, file is generated from table and file name has "Includedatein filename?" as well as "add filenames to result" checked.

    My question is. How do I get file name from result in parent job?


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    The only way to specify filenames in the "Put a file with FTP" entry is typing the full name or providing a variable.
    So in your transformation you can set a variable with the name of the file, and then use it in the job.

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    Maris is correct. However, if you are placing the filename in a variable you cannot do this in a single transformation, you will have to convert this to a job <-> transformation scheme.

    myjob (.kjb)
      - start
      - set_filename (.ktr)
         - build_filename (eg on javascript step)
         - set_variable (with parent scope)
      - send_file (.ktr)
          - ftp step <--- user variable here
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