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Thread: SFTP add filenames to result

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    Default SFTP add filenames to result

    Hi all,

    I have seen this problem posted but i am not sure if there is a resolution or if possible but here goes.

    All I am trying to achieve is to connect using SFTP, download some files using a regex ".*\.csv" and get the filenames.

    I have successfully download the files when using job entry 'Get Files with SecureFTP'. In this job entry in 'Files' tab under 'Target files' I have check 'Add filenames to result'.

    Unfortunately I havent been able to get the files names in a following transform that uses the 'Get files from result' step.

    I have attached my basic job and transform, as I though it should work. I would certainly welcome any angle to help me get over this.


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    If anyone can help I would really appreciate this, even if its a simply to say 'no youre barking up the wrong tree'

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    Has Pentaho ever come up with a resolution to this issue?

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