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Thread: Kitchen & Windows Server 2003 email notification

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    Default Kitchen & Windows Server 2003 email notification


    I would like to schedule Kitchen to run PDI job. If job fails I would like Kitchen to send me an e-mail notification about failure. Is this possible?

    I read wiki on Kitchen and found a suggestion to use Windows scheduler. I looked our Windows Server 2003 task scheduler and there is no "send an email on failure" option.

    Any suggestions?


    P.S. Is there GUI for Kitchen (any plans to create one?)

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    Hi Alex.
    The GUI for kitchen is Spoon.
    One of the step within a JOB or a TRANSFORMATION is "Mail".
    This step allows you to send an email, you only need to create a HOP from a step to MAIL.
    On the hop, right click and choose "evaluation - follow when result is false".

    That should do what you're looking for.

    To use the schiduler, point it to a batch file which in turns will start Kitchen.


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