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Thread: execute sql by file

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    Default execute sql by file

    Hi all,

    Is there a way to execute sql scripts that are stored in files? What I have is a database table which lists out the files I need to execute, but I can't seem to figure out how to execute them via file URLs. Neither 'execute row sql script' nor 'execute sql script' seem to support this.

    Should I be asking for a feature or is there some other way to do this?

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    How about making a job that loops through the files and stores the SQL-query in a table (id,SQL-query) and then call 'execute row sql script'?

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    I was trying to avoid putting them into the database. They are much easier to manage as files not fields. If Kettle doesn't support it natively, I may put in for a feature request.

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    Hi dnrickner,

    This is possible with just the filenames stored in the DB table, by doing this :

    1. A root job with a transformation ("Get Filenames") connected to a Job entry ("Execute SQL from file") which has its "Execute for every input row" flag ticked.

    2. The transformation "Get Filenames" consists of a Table Input step to read the file names from the database in the correct order, and a "Copy rows to result" step to make the rows with the filenames flow to the next step in the root job.

    3. A transformation called "Set FILE_NAME variable" which converts the "file_name" field into a FILE_NAME variable using a "Get rows from result" transformation step followed by a "Set Variables" step.

    4. The "Execute SQL from file" job is the "Set FILE_NAME variable" transformation followed by a "SQL" scripting job step.

    I've enclosed a zip file contain this scenario. You can create the "test.sqlfiles" table I used with the following SQL.

    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `sqlfiles`;
    CREATE TABLE `sqlfiles` (
    `file_order` int(11) NOT NULL,
    `file_name` varchar(256) NOT NULL
    INSERT INTO `sqlfiles` VALUES (1,'C:\\kettletest\\sqlfile1.sql'),(2,'C:\\kettletest\\sqlfile2.sql');

    Let me know if that works for you.

    If I'm over-complicating this, I'd love to hear a simpler way.

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    or you can do it in a single transform.
    1. use text file input to read all your files - read the whole file into 1 field.
    2. use execute sql to run the sql using the field above.

    I did it before.

    Problem is with this solution, is every sql file must return exactly the same metadata/field structure. do that and away you go!

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