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Thread: Oracle Bulk Loader error?

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    Exclamation Oracle Bulk Loader error?

    Hi Everyone!

    I have a strange error with my Oracle Bulk Loader step. It doens't want to run. The error message in the log is always:
    Oracle Bulk Loader.0 - ERROR>Message 2100 not found; No message file for product=RDBMS, facility=ULMessage 2100 not found; NO message file for product=RDBMS, facility=UL
    Oracle Bulk Loader.0 - Exit Value of sqlldr: 3

    I've googled for the error message, and they told to set the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_BASE parameters. I've set them, and still won't work. The strange thing, if I run the SQL Loader outside of PDI works perfectly fine, but If i want to use the Oracle Bulk Loader step, the error is always the same. What can be the problem? How to fix it?

    My enviroment: SLES 11, Oracle Client 11g, PDI 4.2 (the error still existed in 4.1)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can anyone tell, that it is an actual bug, or am i doing something wrong?

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    you must set the value of ORACLE_HOME in .profile file of your user

    Something like this:

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    can you upload your kettle?


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