It's been an honor to organize PCM11 in Rome and I had great fun doing so. There were 2 downsides to the organization part which I would like to list out, so we can improve next year.

  • The first is/was that I was faced with picking up PCM organization in a location that I'm not living in and that I only know because some family lives nearby. As such I had a somewhat limited choice of options.
  • Secondly I was asked to pick up the organization fairly late, making it even more of a challenge.

To avoid a similar situation for next PCM organizers, I would suggest that the locations we put up for vote, are only based on location proposals backed up by some one who is willing to take care of the organization.

I suggest we use this thread to capture any proposals and do the usual voting somewhere around february/march.

So, my suggestion is that, anyone who's willing to take up PCM12 in a location they know well enough, post their proposals over here in the coming months.