Hi everyone!!! Thanks for reading my post.

(jboss 4.2.3 + pentaho 3.0 + BIRT )

I've developed a BI application with pentaho 3.0 using the BIRT plugin for eclipse and it is running with JBoss. Recently, deployment requirements force me to deploy this app in another JBoss instance hosting other apps, using BIRT viewer (not like mine that uses this plugin).

1st requirement is that all reports should be under the same folder/directory:
I've meant to be compliant with this by selecting 'file' as my source type in my report-definition. The app deploys normally but when running the xaction I'm reported an error: it doesn't find the report.

2nd requirement is that all loggin and temporary files should be under the same folder/directory:
Since the new JBoss instance is hosting other apps I cannot go on using my current self-contained log configuration -this is, the default config. All my attempts end up changing JVM start options and I should only be updating the xml config files.

Can anybody give advice on these?
Thanks a lot for your help