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Thread: How do I communicate Zip File Name to a Shell Script Job Step?

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    Default How do I communicate Zip File Name to a Shell Script Job Step?

    Pentaho Version: 4.1.0-stable
    OS: Windows (XP, 2008)

    I am working on an ETL which takes a CSV file, reformats the data into a different set of CSV files, zips the results up into a zip file. then passes that file as a parameter to shell batch file. The shell batch script is a given in this situation.

    The batch file command line looks like:
    >batch_file.bat file

    I was trying to create a daily zip file using Create a Zip File... step with the 'Include date in filename' option, but I could not find a way to deliver the resulting filename into the shell script step.

    I tried using the "Add Zip File to result" on the Advanced tab, but that does not seem to be what I want.
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    If you convert the zip file name into a variable, you can reference that in the shell script step, e.g.

    batch_file.bat ${ZIP_FILE}


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