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Thread: Can Text File Input use header values instead of order?

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    Default Can Text File Input use header values instead of order?

    I think the Text File Input transform reads a file, and using the field order to assign them to named fields. In other words, if I define the columns as "Name, Address, Phone", then the 3rd column is always named "Phone". Correct?

    Is there a feature where Pentaho can read the header line at run time, and throw an error if the header of the 3rd column is not Phone?


    I have a case where sometimes the input file is delivered to me with columns:

    Name, Address, Phone
    and sometimes with columns
    Name, Address, Email, Phone
    I only need the Name and Phone columns, so I would like Text File Input to match fields to columns by using the header line, not positions. Is this possible?

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    Hey Bob,

    yes it can be done, not directly though. Maybe we should make this a feature.

    For the moment, the idea is to run a transformation up front that will look at the fields available and then fill in the correct fields in the main transformation dynamically.

    There are a couple of references where something like this is done: (my favorite)

    I myself was facing a case once where the file would contain a few guaranteed fields and a few random ones. Sorted alphabetically by field name...

    Solved it using roland's approach in my case.


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