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Thread: Accessing Job Log file in the Job/Trans

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    Default Accessing Job Log file in the Job/Trans

    Hi, searched the forum, but could not find any help.

    Aim: If a job fails due to a set database-error, it should just start again.

    Plan: If the job fails, parse the logfile for certain SQL errors.
    If logfile contains them, start the Job again.

    Problem: Is there a way I can access the filename of the Log, that has been specified on the command-line "... /dir:/ /job:JOB2 /logfile:LOG_JOB2_20113009.txt "?
    Could not find anything Variable in the "Get System Info" Step.

    Any input would help, thanks

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    If you specify a log-file in a Transformation job entry, the filename will be part of the result files list, tagged with a Log type.
    So a "Get files from result" step in a subsequent transformation gives you the filename.

    Easier still: simply ask for the log text:

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    Thank you Matt, it works great.

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