Not sure if this is the right forum to post this question...

I am undertaking some research to see how we might employthe Pentaho BI platform as a BI layer on top of a custom analytics dataengine. For this I would very grateful if somebody could point me at anybriefing papers/technical docs that explain how the Pentaho BI tools access andreport on external data sources that are not SQL RDBMS.

Here’s my starting scenario:
  • The custom analytics data engine which has its ownhierarchical entity/attribute model. There is a web service that allowsinformation on the meta model to be read and updated.
  • There is another web service that allows custom analytic dataqueries to be executed, with tabular data sets returned.
  • Looking at the various non RDBMS data sources that Pentahosupports, I’m presuming that Pentaho has an extendable meta model that allowsnon RDBMS meta models to be included within its own context, right?
  • If this is right then again I’m presuming that I wouldhave to build a driver that knows how to translate a Pentaho query expressed inPentaho meta-model elements into a query that the custom analyticsdata engine understand, correct?
This might be a naïve view of how the non SQLRBMS data connectivity works, but as a first validation point that’s what I’mtrying to understand