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Thread: Syntax error at line 16, column 9, token 'String'

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    Default Syntax error at line 16, column 9, token 'String'


    We get this error:

    Mondrian Error:Syntax error at line 16, column 9, token 'String'

    This is the code:

    Format String = Iif([Measures].[verschil] <= Abs(-25000), '|#%|style=green', '|#%|style=red')

    What does the error mean?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Did you define your format string in the mondrian schema file?

    If yes: Quotes in the format string cause problems because the format string gets surrounded by quotes when the MDX is generated. Try adding a property with the name FORMAT_STRING and place your string in the "expression" field.

    The result should look like this:

    <Measure name="xyz" ...>
        <CalculatedMemberProperty name="FORMAT_STRING" expression="Iif([Measures].[verschil] <= Abs(-25000), '|#%|style=green', '|#%|style=red&#39;)">
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