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Thread: Auto arrange???

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    Default Auto arrange???

    Is there any option to auto arrange steps??

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    Sometimes forum posts can be as cryptic as The Da Vinci Code, but they are useful to keep brains young and clever.
    Anyway, a little hint? Arranging them on the canvas, perhaps?
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    You have it. Select a few steps then right click and you get that option (Align/Distribute)! What else do you need?

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    Well, I once started to implement a force directed graph algorithm for automatic layouting.

    Perhaps this is what was meant by the GP poster?

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    Perhaps he's referring to auto-aligning the steps? If this is the case, all you need to do is select the steps you wish to align, then do a ctrl+up/down/left/right to align the steps as you wish.

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    I have got some PDI XML files which i import and use.. While i import, i can see that many steps are placed one over the other. Everytime i need to drag these steps and arrange to make it look good on the canvas.. So i was searching for some auto arrange options.. The options given by you helps me a lot.. But i m still searching for some other options, which can identify the steps which are placed one over the other and align them..Thanks a lot for ur help.

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    They are probably transformations that were generated using an API of some sorts. For those situations a force directed graph algorithm would work wonders. (and is really cool to see rendered :-))

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