I'm using Spoon to create a job that converts spool files on the iSeries to a Windows Server Filebound application. This job invokes 4 transformations. The first transformation updates a DB2 table on the iSeries. This table is then used and updated by the other transformations in the job. This transformation only contains a 'Table input', 'Add constants', and a 'Insert/Update' hop. It's very simple. When I run it by itself(not from the job) it works fine. When I run it from the job it doesn't update the DB2 table. All the other transformations update their tables correctly though. One of which, actually updates the very same table and has no problems. I'm stumped.

I've even gone as far as invoking all the transformations manually from outside the job and each of them worked fine. I've tried to make the transformation transactional, thinking it might be a commitment control problem but that didn't work either. Any ideas?