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Thread: Kettle Job Logs are not properly updated?

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    Question Kettle Job Logs are not properly updated?


    I need / want to know how long Kettle jobs are running, so I'm using the internal logging mechanism.

    When I use the Job Log and calculate the timedifference between replaydate and logdate (or between depdate and logdate) only for the 'root' job (#480) are the begin- and endtimes different, for to rest of the job al timestamps are equal.
    Also that's the only job in a run that get updated to status 'end', the rest remain on 'start' with other logging fields like #errors, #lines remain NULL.

    It's just as if the job log entries are not properly updated/committed after finishing the job.

    JobId Name Duration Errors
    480 alleElementen 01:40 0
    481 ..alleMetadata 00:00
    482 ..alleDimensies 00:00
    483 ....dim_contract 00:00
    484 ....dim_contractStatus 00:00
    490 ..alleFeiten 00:00
    491 ....fct_contractStatus 00:00
    492 ....fct_gedeclareerdeNotas 00:00

    Strangely, this concept does seem to work properly for the translog, however that's (literally) a little bit too much information for me :-)

    Any hints are greatly appreciated (pdi-ce-4.1.0-stable)
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