First off, I just want to say I think PDI is great. My company is currently in beginning stages of trying to implement a data integration and BI strategy. I'm new to the team and currently they are using OWB. I'm trying to make a case to use PDI instead.

Now my question. I'm a little puzzled about the way the oracle bulk loader step is implemented. sql loader has to reference a text file (correct me if wrong), so naturally any modifications made to the input data needs to be saved to a text file before sql loader can use it. But if you already have a text file of data and you just want to do a simple load as-is (no modifications), why is there no way to tell the oracle bulk loader step to use that text file directly? Instead it copies the data to another text file, which is a waste.

From a past post I realize I can work around it by manually creating the control file and executing it via a Shell script job. I just think that the oracle bulk loader should be the go-to option in this scenario.

Perhaps I'm missing something? FYI I'm using PDI 4.2 community edition.

Thanks! and keep up the great work!