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Thread: Who uses database repository?

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    Default Who uses database repository?

    Just curious.. How many people use a database repository vs a file based approach?

    At both my previous places we always used file based. But at my new place we use a database based solution.

    If you use database based - what db? mysql? Oracle? Other?

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    I have used both but I currently use a file-based approach. I switched so I could use a Subversion repository to handle version control.
    Java 1.7 (64 bit)
    MySQL 5.6 (64 bit)
    Windows 7 (64 bit)

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    some months ago asked the same on twitter

    Anyway, same as darrell. I like the fllesystem+svn solution more than the db
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    Always filesystem + version control

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    We switched to file based to easily use Kettle Cookbook. We're not using SVN yet, but curious if anyone has used GIT for version control rather than Subversion...


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    Default database repository vs files

    Hi. I have been using MySQL database repository for test and production, and files + SVN for development. The idea being to ease deployment from TEST system to PROD system. The expected deployment benefit has not been as great as expected, and startup of a job is slow with MySQL on VmWare. So I am considering changing to all file-based deployment. Also because it requires an additional effort to deploy a file-based development system in the TEST system.

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    I use files because I find it easier to move from test environment to full production environment machines.
    In addition, I tend to develop a job/transformation on a laptop and then moving it to a server.
    Since I use MS Windows, it's easy for me to replicate folders paths and then copy ktr ktj files across.


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    I use file based approach for the SVN support, but I think that with some effort it's possible to have a solution with db repository, SVN, and automated deployment into different environments using repository too (I like the db repository idea).

    When worked on db repository it was Oracle (the same used for theDWH).


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    We worked with development , test and production environments + kettle db repositories for a year..and now we just switched over to filebased. In the 4.1.0 4.1.2 range there where some bugs in kettle with storing connections and parameters in the repo. After that time we had a "not so integer" repo. I do not know if this is cause and effect. Everything was oke as long as nothing was changed in the stored connections. But when it was needed to get a job or transformation from test to production, connections got lost and everything needed to be checked and reconfigured.

    And as mentioned above in previous responses, we want to make a move for better versioning and we want to go for git.
    But we still need to figure out how we should implement it in our procedures.

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    so far my implementation stats look like:
    DB-based: 5 projects
    File-based: 2 projects
    I think, the fact that most people tend to see a database as a reliable, save and backuped system, the prefer the database to hold this data.
    However, I see advantages in the file-based approach like: Easy upgrade/patching transformations by copying the transformation from STAGE to PRODUCTION system which seems easier on FS than on DB repository.



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