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Thread: Update cube data on the fly

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    Default Update cube data on the fly


    I was wondering if it's possible to update a cube's data in mondrian in order to work with the updated data in jpivot without restarting mondrian app. We make daily data loads, and these data must be available as soon as possible; emptying mondrian's cache or restarting it causes us big trouble. Is it possible to reload a single cube's data from its database tables without restarting?


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    The solution would require Java code. Mondrian does have a caching API that would allow you to flush a single cube's cache, which you could then reload either programmatically or via action sequences, PDI jobs, your tool of choice. You can find documentation on the caching API here ==>

    The upside - you can control the cache at a very granular level. The down side - the Pentaho BI Server does not leverage this API at the granular levels yet.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi, Gretchen:

    We're studying the API in order to implement a simple Java/JSP interface which allows us to reload any cube data at any moment.

    We'll talk about our progress in this thread in order to give feedback to anyone who is interested.

    Thanks a lot for your answer!

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