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Thread: Defining a column as key

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    Default Defining a column as key

    Is there any option to define a column as key in the transformation, when is not defined so in Database?? Thanks in Advance!!

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    If you want to check if a column is a key, there should be some SQL specific to your DB that allows you to check for that.

    Something like "SELECT KEY COLUMNS FROM TABLE foo" maybe. Check your DB docs how to find the keys.
    Checking that list for a specific column and executing "CREATE INDEX ..." should be no problem I guess.


    PS: If you want to do it the hard way, there's also a JDBC driver method that can be used, If I recall correctly.

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    I know the key columns. But my question is, how to redefine a column as key.

    For example, if a table T1 is having columns C1, C2 and C3. C1 is the key column. After doing a look up with table T2, i want to make the column C2 as key along with C1. How can i do that?

    Thanks in advance.

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