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Thread: Data Type error

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    Default Data Type error


    I am getting the following error;
    "There was a data type error: the data type of java.lang.String object [80fc641ab50501415947641f66f3fab5adeb9bc5068959fea70a3fa8388582ae] does not correspond to value meta [Integer(9)]"

    I have searched the forum and found that this can be due to lazy conversion but mine is set to N in the file. I am running kettle version 4.2 against an MS Sql Server database. I have attached the exception and the relevant ktr file. Does anyone know what I can do to further debug the issue?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Hey eweise,

    judging from the log I would guess that field 4 (SOURCEADDRESS) may not be consistent on all selects. I would first try to check if the fourth field of T_COMPLETEMESSAGE_TMP is consistent with the other queries.

    Second idea is to CAST(NULL as SOME_STRING_TYPE_YOUR_DB_SUPPORTS) on the queries that give a NULL constant. The DB Server has no clue what type to return the NULL as otherwise. It may choose INTEGER by default whereas the other queries return CHARS for that field.

    In other words: check the output fields of each table input and make sure they return equal field types It's easiest to select "Show output fields" from the context menu of a step. If you're lazy you can just select the step and press space

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    Thanks for the response Slawo. Both are good leads to go on. This problem is intermittent so maybe the null is the issue if somehow Kettle can't figure out the correct data type.

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