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Thread: Error in medium-sized metamodel (PME-765? BISERVER-6527?)

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    Unhappy Error in medium-sized metamodel (PME-765? BISERVER-6527?)

    Hi! This is a message I would like to see Mr. Gorman reading (at least). Please, I need your help.

    We are implementing a 90 table metamodel. Most of the queries work, but some don't for aparently no reason. The errors are always quite obscure. For instance, some failed reports issue "not able to bound X table". We are operating BI Server 3.6 and the related PME, connected to MS SQL Server 2008. I am working in an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, java 1.6 JDK.

    I've been researching for some JIRA report that could explain it. Found some reports:
    - BISERVER-6527
    - PMD-263 (quite old issue)
    - PMD-765 (could't read it - enterprise?)

    Now, there seems to be new code in the 3.8 suite that might be used to fix it, reported in PMD-263, but I couldn't find how to change the path generating techniques.

    How do I do it? In PME 3.8, do I edit the business model, add a new string property, name it path_build_method and fill it with CLASSIC, for instance to get the classic path generating? (according to

    Or is it some EE feature? Why can't I see PMD-765?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Fábio de Salles
    Serpro - Brasil

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    Quote Originally Posted by fconsult View Post
    - PMD-765 (could't read it - enterprise?)
    thats true! and also setting path_build_method to classic worked for me. did you try that?

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