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Thread: Variable creation and usage

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    I want to create a variable and use it in the same transformation. How can i do that?

    As of now, i am using a formula step to calculate an expression. But it is creating a new column. But i dont want a new column to be created (As per the requirement, no column replacement can be done inside the formula step). So i am trying to create a variable. Please help.

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    Hi Ponb,

    this is a quick advice for friday morning.

    have you tried to use "set variables" step (Job category)?

    Maybe you can create a job with two transformations: first transformation for creating the variable with corresponding value and second transformation that use it.

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    You can change a colum using a java expression.
    You do not need to create a new colum, simply update the existing one.

    The step needed is Modified Java Expression.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponb View Post

    I want to create a variable and use it in the same transformation. How can i do that?
    Short Answer: No, you can't.
    Longer Answer: Use your formula exactly as you planned, creating the new column. Then use a select values step to drop the old column, and rename the new column to the same as the old one.

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