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I'm facing a problem with the "error handling of step" type. The scenario is pretty simple: I have a "Call DB Procedure" step which calls a Oracle proc passing some input parameters and output parameters (which will get any eventual errors coming from the proc).

The problem is that the output parameters (fields) are not sent over to the next step WHEN I MAKE THE NEXT STEP A "error handling of step" type. If I make it a default type/hop, the output fields are correctly available in the very next step.

I attached two screenshots to make it easier to understand. If I look at the "Input fields" from the "Blocking step 2" step, I see the fields p_error and p_errorcode. But if I look at the input fields from the "Set variables" step, I will not see them, and that's exactly where I need them.

Have anyone else gone through this? Any work around to handle this issue? Any help will be HUGELY appreciated! THANKS!