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Thread: Issue - 'No log table has been defined for the transformation'

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    Default Issue - 'No log table has been defined for the transformation'


    I have a new job (kjb) and I am calling a transformation that I have in many other jobs but when I try to run this new job I am getting :-

    ERROR 17-10 16:17:38,655 - Transformation - org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleTransException:
    There was an error calculating the change data capture date range, it probably involved log table .
    No log table has been defined for the transformation.

    Thing is, that I am not using CDC, I am just trying to initialize some environment variables.

    As I say the same transformation is running OK in other jobs.

    I have done a search and it seemed to be and issue with Postgre but I am using mysql with PDI 4.1.0. If I use a 'set variables' component to set the environment variables - the job runs fine.

    I have tried to create a totally new job but still get same issue.

    Is it something to do with the log tables we use on mysql - should I do a table repair?

    And ideas would be helpful.


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    I could resolve this by re-setting various log tables [remove and then add] entries from Logging tab [Step, Logging Channel]!!

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