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Thread: Add File Name to result

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    Default Add File Name to result

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a problem with my job. I basically load a file, do some transformations and output a new file. Now what I want to do is archive the import file in a separate folder with a data time stamp.

    It seems that the perfect step for this would be "Copy or Move result filenames". The problem is it also moves my Export file even though I have unchecked "add filenames to result".

    What is happening here? I am using PDI 4.1 GA

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    I would check the filter or filename that you use in your step.
    I think that you can preview which files will be moved/copied using "show filename" or "show file".

    "Add filename to result" does not affect the move/copy selection.


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    Try by passing the filename from the previous transformation to the "Copy or Move result filenames".


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